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contemporary tap dancer ||  creator  ||  producer  ||   choreographer




1年に1度の創作集大成の舞台''charu with friends -TapmPorary-''では

YouTube channel には、ひとくせある動画作品やライブアーカイブをせっせと製作、公開中!!


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charu : contemporary tap dancer

charu : contemporary tap dancer

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2007年 : リズムタップのショーの衝撃的な出会いから本格的にリズムタップを習い始める
2008年 : 日本タップダンス奨学生制度(JTSP)に合格、The Chicago Human Rhythm Project (in シカゴ)に参加

2016年 : Stockholm Tap Festival scholarship program スカラシップ獲得、タップフェスティバル参加 in スウェーデン


2018年 : Stockholm Tap Festival scholarship and work exchange program スカラシップ獲得、タップフェスティバル参加 in スウェーデン


2019年 : Stockholm Tap Festival scholarship program スカラシップ獲得、タップフェスティバル参加

カッティングコンテスト準優勝獲得 in スウェーデン

in ドイツ Main matsuri in Frankfurt 振り付け、ダンサー参加

   Live performance activity  
2010年:初ライブ with 田ノ岡三郎(acc)/Reina Kitada(vln) 演奏×タップ×コンテンポラリーダンスのパフォーマンス


2012年- 現在  : 

1年に1度、charu with friends (創作集大成の舞台)を行う
TapmPorary = contemporary × tap の造語



2013年- 現在  : 

motty&charu ピアノとタップのデュオ活動開始 (ピアノ:望月慎一郎) 



2019年- 現在 :

同時に日本人のフェスティバル参加を促すため、Stockholm tour プロジェクトを開始




主なミュージシャン共演履歴 (敬称略)

望月慎一郎(p)、落合康介(b)、沢田穣治(b)、小林豊美(fl)、かみむら泰一(s)、古和靖章(g)、池澤龍作(dr)、山口廣和(g)、古谷悠(b)、佐藤綾音(s,cl)、下梶谷雅人(g)、中村真(p)、森田修史(ts)、池間由布子(vo) 他



 motty & charu -since 2013-





motty (pf) の透明感あるうつくすぎる音に吸い込まれ




motty (望月慎一郎 pf)

English text ▷

[ motty & charu : since 2013 ]

Piano and contemporary tap duo – A pianist and a tap dancer met in the world of sound.
Motty plays beautiful melody
Charu’s contemporary tap covers any music genre.


[charu : contemporary tap dancer ] 

I am a  dancer taking an active part in Japan.
I started to learn classical ballet and a piano since my childhood.
I came across tap dance after I was awakened to creating a dance.
Since then I have been working out the genre to fuse in contemporary dance and the tap which I learned by myself.
That idea leads to my present activities.

Now I hold tap concerts with some musicians, and I both plan and appear on the stage  in public performances or in live concerts.
In addition, I give a lessen according to an individual person one by one or hold group workshops.
In 2008, I passed an audition carried out in Japan, which is called a Japanese tap scholarship student program and participated in Chicago Tap Festival.
In the same year,  I won the championship in a solo section at Kawasaki Tap festival carried out in Japan.

In 2016,2018,2019 I passed an audition carried out in Sweden, which is called a scholarship student program and work exchange program and participated in Stockholm Tap Festival. 

I take half a year to work out the creation of my own and put it on the stage once a year and hold live performances with musical instruments regularly.

Although these are my main activities, I am also aiming at collaborating with various genres of dances, artists or projected images.

I have still some more ideas which I would like to try and so I am testing them now.

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